Book Cover“We need new legends.” says Ann Brennan.

A historical novelist and committed environmentalist, Ann sees the need for new stories to help create a new relationship with our living Earth.

With the publication of the first volume of The Faery Chronicles (Chapel Street Editions 2018), she has set out to do just that. Drawing on her deep-rooted Irish heritage, her love of Irish storytelling, and her own experience, Ann Brennan has begun a literary project that creates a new Irish-Canadian context for the great tradition of the Faery World.

Ann2-CeciSnow-smOther published work includes The Real Klondike Kate, a biography of Katherine Ryan, the first woman to complete the Stikine Trail during the Yukon Gold Rush and first female member of the North-West Mounted Police and The Hawthorn Bush, a book based on her family’s immigration to Canada from Ireland.

Her most recent book of poetry, Earth Carries Spirit (2014 Chapel Street Editions) witnesses to the quest for a culture of peace for people and earth. Ann Brennan speaks with a deep sense of the poetics of place. Her themes draw on the past, celebrate the present, and lean powerfully into the future.