The Faery Chronicles

Book Cover 2Book One of The Faery Chronicles is titled Anglebert Crosses the Great Water. Anglebert is a young Irish Faery who travels to Canada and finds a new home on the Brennan farm near Johnville, New Brunswick.

The Faery Chronicles is not an escape into the past, or into a fantasy land. It is a plunge into the present, an adventurous journey through real landscapes. The thrust of the story leans into the future with a concern for the fate of the Earth.

The first volume of The Faery Chronicles sets the stage for the revival of the Faery World and its reconnection with the Human World. Book Two, which the author is now completing, will return to Ireland to unravel a mysterious disappearance and deepen the quest for Earth’s renewal.

The Faery Chronicles is an unusual literary work. It can be read by parents to small children, it can enjoyed by children who are beginning to read, and it can be read by adults who enjoy a novel that takes you on an action packed journey and fosters serious reflection. The artist’s illustrations add a striking element of imagination.

Leland Wong-Daugherty, an artist who lives in nearby Knowlesville, created the full-page colour drawings that illustrate the story, including a map of the farm and forest. The author welcomes readers to visit the location where the story takes place, and where she and her family have created many of the special features that figure prominently in the book.

The Faery Chronicles, Book One was published on December 5th by Chapel Street Editions (CSE) of Woodstock, NB. For more information visit


Earth Carries Spirit

ECS-Cover300Earth Carries Spirit (2014) is a remarkable witness to a poetic vocation. It is a testament to the author’s engagement with the work of culture and the spirituality of earth.

Ann Brennan is an historian, deep ecologist, and cultural activist. But she is also poet who has been recording the story of her relationship to the earth, her Irish roots, and her international engagement with culture and environment.

The first section of this book, “Going Home to Ireland,” gives voice to her profound connection with the living presence of the land, the power of ancient monuments, the Irish peace process, family history, and new friends. The remainder of the book gathers poems from a wide range of times and places, from inward and outward engagement, and on the work of restoring a wounded earth.

Earth Carries Spirit witnesses to the quest for a culture of peace for people and earth. Ann Brennan speaks with a deep sense of the poetics of place. Her themes draw on the past, celebrate the present, and lean powerfully into the future. This book is a unique cultural document and may well be read for both its artistry and spiritual resonance for many decades to come.

Available through Chapel Street Editions, Woodstock, NB, or order the book on Amazon.